ImpactO - The Game Unity3D

From school project to Indie Game.

My first real game project. Q3 2013

A fast paced, 3 on 3 arena game with capture-the-flag elements and alot of crashing carnage. Made with Unity.

The game first started out as an 8 week student project during my third year at Lule√• Technical University (2013) where I worked in a team with six other students. We later recieved a scholarship from the university which helped us push the game forward and onto Steam Greenlight where it was later greenlit by our fans.


My roles during this project:


  • Sole Environment Artist
  • Lead Level Artist
  • Level Designer

My primary function within the group was to oversee the level design, the asset creation and gameplay balancing throughout the entire of the project for the main level - The Dam.

The Dam was constructed in a mirrored way with many alternative routes for both the 'attackers' and 'defenders' in any given situation.

Both 'attackers' and 'defenders' had key strategic positions to aim for on the map to reload, evade or wait for backup.

I also created some of the aviable upgrades you could costumize into 3 loadouts in the garage to quickly change between offensive or defensive roles during a match.

Various engines and weapons you can attatch to your vehicle for better speed, endurance or impact force.

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