Desert Scene UE4

Personal Project, Q3 2016

A scene inspired by pictures of the Aral Sea.

In this project I wanted to imporve my knowledge of nodebased shaders in Unreal.

My goal was to connect the enviromental props to the terrain via blending in some of the terrain textures onto the various props in the scene.

Props are modeled in Maya, sculpted in Zbrush and textured in Substance Painter. Tiling textures created in Substance Designer and all organized in Unreal Engine 4

A lonely and abandoned lighthouse on and island, in a dried out sea. The old seabed is now a scorched desert.

Master Sand Shader

The main goal of this project was to delve deeper into nodebased shading and learn more about how to blend objects together for a more coherent look.

I constructed a shader that read an heightmap and translated it to xyz-coordinates in my scene, then used these coordinates to mask in a new texture onto the props that were in close proximity to the terrain.

It became a fairly simple and quick method to get more out of each of the props in this perticular scene. I then constructed assets that could be rotated, reshaped and placed in multple places with more visual variation and less repetition.


I constructed the boat shader to have several paramaters that can change the general look of the wreck on the fly inside the engine.

Paramaters that controlled the amount of wear and tear, the amount of blending between the 3 materials and color of these materials.

I also added the ability to  vertex paint to the wreck to further add variation.

All this gave me the opportunity to create nultiple wrecks with distinct visual differenses.

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