Asset Presentation

Personal Project, Q2 2015

Assets created as part of an application for an internship at Arrowhead Gamesstudios during my studies at Futuregames.

Modelling, Texturing and Shader setup all part of the 2 week project.

These two assets are ideal for any biologist who wants their ship to be up for any challange you might come across during your deep space exploration. But be sure to clean both instruments regularly as dirt, grease and goo might interfere with the delicate sensors and mechanics.

Medical Machine - Disection Unit A3

A standard issue A3 Dissection Unit is an 3rd generation all purpose scanner and tissue sampler.

This air-tight chamber is a very useful addition to any biological expedition into deep space where you want to dissect any foreign biological samples without breaking quarantine protocol.

Medical Device - SCAN-R  4.2

Don't land on a unexplored world without your trusty bioscanner. The new issue SCAN-R 4.2 is faster, more precise and comes with a even more sturdy grip for better durability in the field. It uses the latest uScan 7.0 software where you can quickly update the galaxy database with your latest discoveries.

SCAN-R Instruction Manual

The state of the art SCAN-R is easy to use without any special training.

1. Turn on the device. (Left side of SCAN-R)

2. Adjust volume and search mode on the knobs located on the SCREEN-addon.

3. Point in the general direction of that you wish to scan and press firmly on the trigger

4. Respond signals of biometric data will be shown on the SCREEN-addon and data will

     be sent to the harddrive.

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