Personal Info

Jonas Malm

Stockholm, Sweden

+46(0)73 567 20 48


FutureGames - 3D Graphics

CM Education 2014-2016

Gscept, Luleå University of Technology

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Graphics


Artistic Anatomy Course

with Jim Vikström

summer 2012

Who is Jonas Malm?

I am a very social and outgoing man who is very passionate about games in all forms.

Ever since I've started my journey into computer graphics in 2010 I've had the pleasure of working within many aspects of the industry and consider my self a generalist 3D artist with a broad skillset. 

I pride myself in my ability to work well with others and how I contribute to a positive work environment.

My ambitions are currently aimed toward the role of an Environment Artist where my goal is to create worlds and levels with a good atmosphere and depth.


- High & Low resolution modeling

- Sculpting

- Nodebased Material Creatio

- Nodebased Shaderscripting

- Rigging and animation

- FX and destructables

- Quick learner

- Organized workflow


- Swedish (native)

- English (fluent)

Software Proficiencies

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